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Valve Maintenance Preventive/Corrective

Preventive valve maintenance

Valves are fundamental instruments in the transport systems of hydrocarbons. Its optimal operation its crucial for the industry in order to maintain a continuous flow of fluids and gasses. In occasions they present problems such as: internal leakage, or bindings and other problems caused by daily operations in abrasive environments and lack of maintenance.

Servicios Técnicos Industriales Internacionales S.A. de C.V. (SETEIN) offers a integral preventive maintenance plan that guarantees to maintain valves in optimal conditions which results in mitigating risks of leaks which are harmful to the environment and personnel.

Valve corrective maintenance

The valves in operation are exposed to numerous scenarios that jeopardize the optimal functionality of the asset such as: high pressures , temperatures, environment exposure and corrosive agents. A valve that doesn’t receive proper preventive maintenance will result in a damaged internal seal which causes internal leakage causing huge losses.

Servicios Técnicos Industriales Internacionales S.A. de C.V. (SETEIN) offers a corrective maintenance plan that consists on our developed technique “ the inverse seal”. The inverse seal eliminates the internal leak without having to interrupt the flow in the pipeline; this way it maintains the operations and even allows a safer way to use pigs in the pipeline.

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