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Bipartite clamps STIN®

In the case of pipes, they may leak by external agents, material loss, corrosion, cracks or pores in the surface thereof. Repair without suspending the operation involves the installation of metal ENCAPSULATED brand STIN® MS-2.E/X (Injectable) and STIN® MS-2/1.E/X (Mechanical seal) are designed for any type of pipe in operation. Easy to install, even in confined spaces, designed to operate from 1 to 1500 psi. and temperatures from -20 ° C to 600 ° C.

Our Encapsulated STIN® brand is designed for permanent repairs have diametrical longitudinal bevels and according to the API Standard 1107 and are manufactured under ASME Section VII Division I and II. The packages that are provided to resist encapsulated products such as oil, steam, chemicals, water and any other type. Clamping stops and prevents the packing to move or run at the time of placement. We also have pre-molded packages that are applied to absorb any curve or shape or tube connection that is out of standard

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