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Metallic Enclosures

Servicios Técnicos Industriales Internacionales S.A. de C.V. (SETEIN) offers an integral service for the design, testing, manufacturing and installation of enclosures, flange rings and clamps for on shore and off shore appliances.

(A) - Simple ranging from tube to tube.

(B) - Take an annular space between tubing and casing which is covered with resin.

Manufactured under the NRF-177-PEMEX-2007 standard and ASME code Section IX.

To ensure the manufacture of the envelope is subjected under rigorous quality testing such as: Wiping Ultrasonic Health, Toughness, Rated welding (WPS, PQS, PQR, WPQR), Visual Inspection, Dimensioning, testing HIC, Radiography, adhesion tests, flexibility analysis and finite elements.

It is noteworthy that during installation of the enclosure no processes are interrupted. The aim is to strengthen the lines of thin layers and thus avoiding high risk leaks that endanger the safety of facilities, staff and management production while preserving the environment.

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