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Recovery service and / or installation of a one-way or double-way back pressure valve (H)

Servicios Técnicos Industriales Internacionales S.A. de C.V. We provide a comprehensive turnkey service for the recovery and installation of H valves or unidirectional or bidirectional back pressure from 10,000 to 15,000 Psi. In addition, we can also provide equipment and accessories for rent.

The importance and objective of this service is to perform activities in a drill hole preventing it from being plugged or killed, and its purpose is to hermetically block well pressure safely in a pressure range of 10,000 psi to 20,000 psi.

The function of the lubricator and the back pressure valves Its main function is to allow the repair of the shaft of the valves or heads of a well while it is under pressure, and the H or back pressure valve has the function of allowing the fluid pass through the pipe and circulate into the pipe, as well as prevent back flow.

With the help of a lubricator, the H-valve can be removed and installed quickly and safely to withstand the pressure of the well and the need to put a bottom plug or kill the well is eliminated through the half valve shaft, thus protecting safely to personnel, installation and structure.

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