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Medium Tree Maintenance Service

Servicios Técnicos Industriales Internacionales S.A. de C.V. Offer to the drilling segment the comprehensive maintenance service to half trees based on certified procedures for the execution of the activity. The lubrication of gate valves in the half tree in order to carry out these activities in safe conditions, optimizing operating times, minimizing risks, maintaining the efficiency of the process, preventing accidents and occupational diseases, as well as minimizing significant environmental impacts related to said operation The following procedure summarizes the way to grease the composite valves in the half shaft.

Our services are applicable to the lubrication of gate valves, located in wells of different services (gas or oil) and brand.

Our Service Policy
■ Keep work sites in good order and cleanliness.
■ Ensure the correct use of personal protective equipment when executing the activity, as indicated.
■ In the applicable standard of "Personal Protective Equipment".
■ Ensure the use of adequate tools and the good state of conservation.
■ Report to the Service coordinator, apply for a work permit.
■ If in doubt, stop the activity or work and immediately contact the maintenance supervisor.

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