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Inspections and specialized services

Servicios Técnicos Industriales Internacionales S.A. de C.V. (SETEIN) Offers inspections and specialized services to the industry in the offshore and on-shore areas, with the aim of avoiding high-risk faults that endanger the safety of facilities, personnel and production management, preserving the environment.

We offer the following Specialized Services and Inspections:

-Inspection By Nondestructive Testing: Clock Type Ultrasound, Ultrasound Scanning beam Angled and Straight, Penetrant liquids, Magnetic Particle Testing, Visual Inspection.

-Eco-Rise of bathymetry Probe Navigator.

-To detect Ultrasonic Internal Pass with DSOI-II team.

-To detect fugitive into the atmosphere through emissions EyeCGas Opgal thermic Camera..

-Supply, Removal and installation of valves in pipelines.

-Assisted torque using hydraulic wrenches.

-Machining, General cutting and Welding

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